The Sweet Life
Dolci Desserts was established in the year 2010. Since establishment, we have always stuck to the principles of ensuring our customers are served with warmth and fed food of great quality at a very reasonable price. It is our belief that food should always bring in happiness. Warmth, family, joy, comfort and love are the qualities that we include in our services.


Sheetal S
This is a warm cute little place, that you must visit for some great pastries and desserts. Chocolate éclairs and chocolate tart being my favourite, all the other items in the menu ate worth a try ! Can't stop using the adjective cute :p visit if you are around this area. You'll love it
Rachel Raymond
Very warm ambience, lovely decor and amazingly delicious treats. Very nice cafe and really friendly staff. The variety is also really good and I especially enjoyed the homemade ice tea. It is a small place but it offers good stuff.
This is the cutest little dessert bar! :) It's on Ali Asgar Road, right next to fBar. It's a tiny little place but has vibrant colours and a little white fence on the outside, so it's hard to miss this place. First of all the ambience is very nice. They have around 5 tables, 3 inside and 2 outside. Recently they have taken a place next to the dessert bar and opened a Dolci pizzeria also. I've been here a couple of times and it's never failed to disappoint me. The owner is a very sweet person and helps you choose by telling you about each item. First time I went to Dolci, we had the chocolate eclair and it was amazing! So the second time we went just for desserts after having lunch. We took the strawberry cheesecake. My goodness! It was beautiful! It was heaven on a plate and palette :P it looked gorgeous and tasted so smooth. It had the right amount of sugar, the strawberry topping wasn't too sweet, which I loved. The combination was simply mind blowing. They also have freshly baked crossiants, oatmeal breads and many other bakery items. It looked fresh and I'd love to try those as well some time. I've heard the pizzas and sandwiches are also good here. Will definitely come back to try those and have a cheesecake just because it's so amazing! :)
Karan Pawar
Located towards the end of Ali Asker Road, Dolci is one of my favourite dessert cafe. They've got an eclectic dessert menu and of course, if you're craving for a sandwich or a panini, they've got it too. My personal favourite here is the brownie and the apple pie. And I would definitely recommend these desserts. Their sun dried pesto panini will not disappoint you. Overall, it's a great place to satisfy your sugar cravings. You can come here to catch up with your old friends or colleagues and enjoy a good dessert. Oh, and I almost forgot. Do try out their 6 layer chocolate cake. I'm told it's heavenly.
Anushree Tricannad Jnanashekar
Desert heaven! Yes. They have such a wide variety of deserts. Every single thing looks so amazingly delicious. We thought we would try one simple dessert and come back but ended up stuffing ourselves with 3 absolutely yummy desserts and three drinks. We were soooo full , we couldn't even move The Oreo cheesecake was like heaven. The texture was so soft silky and melted in my mouth. The chocolate browny and the 6 layer cake transported us into the sinful world of chocolate. The strawberry and blackcurrant shakes had amazing flavors . The dolci fudge frappe was the thickest and the richest drink. It was a thick chocolaty delight. We left with happy tummies. The place is small and cozy too. People with a sweet tooth, go visit.
Nitya Andrew
Located off Cunningham road, a dessert place needs no recommendation to merit a visit. Especially when it's close to one's work place! Along with hungry bunch of colleagues, we descended upon Dolci's on a sleepy afternoon in an optimistic attempt to beat the mid week blues. Suffice it to say, it succeeded! Well flavoured but delicately sugared goodies that you won't have trouble finishing because it's too sweet - everything here was up to the mark and sometimes surpassed expectation. The strawberry meringue was a little on the excessively sweet side and I personally found the mud pie too rich (though it was effortlessly polished off) The drinks are surprisingly excellent as well. The generically titled Cold Choco was unforgettably yum. Already making plans for my next visit here to test the Dolci shake and the Oreo cheesecake! Not very big group friendly as space is a little constrained. Two outdoor tables and two indoor ones are all there is. Excellent dessert shop with delicious treats. Perfect for a quick quick stopover. Recommendation: the six layered cake, the red velvet cake.